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Political Debate post on Nextdoor

Since a post was removed on Nextdoor that I had spent some considerable time on a comment and the post had been removed, I am posting on this site for political discussions, debate or for informational purposes.

I do believe in free speech, and I will not remove a post unless it is threatening or illegal.

With that said, I am not sure if posts are automatically sent to your email. I have been posting and the replies on my post did come to my email.

If you do not like what someone is writing, either reply or don't read it.

I think that the good, commonsense people should have a place to discuss current events or feelings of what they would like to discuss.

I will say that if you post on here and you are using all caps (Yelling) or cursing, it will turn some people off that would actually want to have a discussion about.

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